To Succeed In 2019, You Need A Killer Website.

Everybody looks things up online now. If your business doesn't show up with a quick google search, your customers aren't going to show up either. Once they find your website, if they can't find the information they're looking for quickly and efficiently, they will leave and take their money elsewhere.

Most of today's shopping is done online. We can set you up with a brand new e-commerce store using Shopify or BigCommerce, or we can integrate with your business's existing systems.

Simple Four to Five page sites that provide potential customers with general information about your brand or business. Billboard Sites contain Locations, store hours, & contact information without much user interaction. Great for small - medium sized brick and motor businesses.

Landing pages are perfect tools to test out the market for a new idea. Efficiently displaying your idea's value and gathering leads to potential customers will help you make smart desicions  without wasting a lot of resources.

Whether you just need a blog or a full web app, WordPress can do it all. Leveraging the powerful customization of WordPress I can craft any kind of solution to any kind of problem your business may have.

Plug-ins need updating regularly. WordPress itself needs updating regularly. Backups need to be made on a regular basis. Want to take all the time-consuming hassle out of your WordPress Maintenance? Let me do it for you!


Having a sweet cover for your Album, Mixtape or Podcast is essential. It's how you stand out in the sea of iconic Album Covers all over Spotify.

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