While working for Shoolu.com, part of my job was to update and maintain our E-Commerce site. The store was initially built by an external agency they contracted before I was hired. Since then, there's not a part of the site that I haven't tweaked and iterated on. Just for reference, this is what the site looked like when I got hired:

The site is built using BigCommerce and the theme is based off of BigCommerce's Cornerstone theme. Over the last few years I've updated:

  • Header Layout, making it easier for customers to either search for shoes or contact us for help.
  • Navigation Menu, for a cleaner look and an easier time finding things.
  • Hero Carousel, fixed some of the responsiveness so it's looks good on every screen size.
  • Lazy Loading Images, to keep the request size down and load things faster.
  • Adding the ability to have Time Based Notices display in the store.
  • Created an API to pull products from a specific category since there isn't such a thing already built into the Stencil framework.
  • And A whole lot more.

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