Material Color Palette Extension for Chrome And Firefox.


I found myself spending way too much time digging through Google's Material Design documentation for color codes. I primarily work with Chrome so I figured it would be easy to develop a Chrome extension. Do the work once and save a bunch of time. If you're curious how it works you can find the GitHub project here.

What is Material Design?

Material Design is a style guide put together by Google. says "Material Design is a unified system that combines theory, resources, and tools for crafting digital experiences." In short it's a set of principles that help guide you to a clean design. It's spacing & hierarchy that compliment each other, colors that contrast in a pleasing way, even components that you can build clean, user-friendly products with.

What The Material Color Palette Does

The Material Color Palette provides a quick and easy way to access any of the color codes from the Material Design docs. Instead of having to dig through them to get a color you can just open the Extension, click the color that you want and paste the #HEX, HEX, RGB, or RGBA color codes. ( Blue: #2196F3, 2196F3, rgb(33,150,243), rgba(33,150,243,1) ).

Having Problems? Find Any Bugs?

Let us know on the project's GitHub Issues Page.

Ready To Get Started?

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