When I first got hired at Lumpy's Burgers in 2011, the schedule was a printed out Excel spreadsheet tacked to the office door along with a list of employee phone numbers and other announcements. I thought that that wasn't very 21st century of them, so I set out to build a place on the web for all pertinent employee information.

This idea included the schedule, employee phone numbers, important documents, and even an application to request time off. All of this was housed in WordPress with their simple to set up user accounts.

Upon account creation, the user could go in and update their own phone number and email in case other employees needed to get a shift covered as opposed to the administrator (at the time, me) having to update everything whenever anything changed.

The schedule used a combination of Google Drive, Google Docs and Google Apps Script to generate the spreadsheet schedule and automatically post it to the website. I was in the process of creating a standalone scheduler using MySQL and PHP when the restaurant shut down and put that project on hold.

All in all, it was a successful project because it saved my ass several times when I forgot to write down my schedule for the week (I'm much better at managing my time now). Which, who am I kidding, was the only reason I started this project in the first place.

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