I was sitting with my girlfriend in Satellite Coffee. When I logged on to the public Wi-Fi, I was greeted with the landing page yourPOST. It's essentially a digitized public bulletin board. I was intrigued, so I poked around a bit. They have a classifieds section with a subsection for services. I provide a service so a project was born: Create a print flyer for a digital sign to represent my brand and hopefully land some work from local Albuquerque businesses.

Making A Print Flyer For A Digital Board

Most of the current listings on yourPOST looked to be just scanned in paper flyers for Massage Therapists and house painters. So it was going to be pretty easy to stand out. I used bold powerful lettering to get the point across loud and clear: "I MAKE WEBSITES". On the bottom I created a card to include some of the other services I provide including social media management and graphic design.

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